Xtend-Life Natural Products

The Xtend-Life Group

Xtend-Life Natural Products is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of unique premium quality health supplements and skincare products. All of our products are manufactured and certified in New Zealand and are distributed worldwide.

Xtend-Life Holdings Ltd. was founded 17 years ago in 2000 by Warren Matthews and includes the following three subsidiaries, each controlled by Xtend-Life’s founders:

  • Xtend-Life Natural Products (International) Ltd, which is responsible for research and development, distribution of products and customer service.
  • Natural Products (NZ) Ltd, which manufactures all Xtend-Life products in New Zealand. We use locally sourced ingredients where possible and source premium ingredients from around the world. We do not produce products for other companies.

Warren Matthews is Xtend-Life’s founder and chairman. He is also a director of all of the companies in the Xtend-Life group.