Total Balance Unisex Ingredients

Why the Total Balance Unisex Multi Nutrient System is so Effective in Survival Situations

Having been named ‘Total Balance’ you would think that this dietary super supplement from Xtendlife would be a complete combination of absolutely everything that your body needs, whether you be Male or Female – the name suggests that this and only this nutritional supplement will keep you well and truly balanced with an enormous number of different vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes and whatever else it is that a human body needs to maintain its optimum functionality and be best prepared for any eventuality; good or bad. Actually you would not be too far from the truth, except the best advice is that these types of multi vitamins/supplements should never be used to replace a normal healthy diet, but instead they should be consumed alongside the normal diet and considered as a support mechanism and a way of topping up your body everyday with any of the necessary nutrients needed to reach your optimum levels across the board. As with the other Xtendlife products we display & sell from this website, you should be pleased to know that every single ingredient used in the make-up of the complex & comprehensive ‘Total Balance Unisex Dietary Supplement’ has been carefully selected for being a source of the very best version for any respective nutrient making up of each of the 120 tablets. It is because of the careful selection process; sourcing the best type of each vitamin, best types of minerals, most powerful enzymes and amino acids (which are not a common component of most multi compound supplements) that we are so overly confident about the ‘Total Balance’ compound of nutrients being a product that will soon become synonymous with survival preparation.

The Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Plants, Nuts, Dairy and Oil Extracts all Playing Their Part to Make-Up this Total Balance Unisex Super Supplement

There are so many different ingredients that are used in the making of this super source of nutritional value that it would be a crazy to be including an introduction for each within this pages content, however we have compiled a gallery of images for each ingredient that you can see above, and each image is clickable, linking the user to another page where an abundance of helpful & educational information can be found about the ingredient/image clicked. It is because of the wide variety of different vitamins, minerals Etc. and wanting to get the very best version of each, that there are so many different ingredients making up what is actually a relatively small tablet. The finished product is a multi-nutritional supplemental tablet that is highly bioavailable and will help its consumer live a long, healthy and happy life. In case you are not aware – most multi supplements are not actually truly bioavailable meaning a person’s body will not totally & efficiently absorb all of the goodness that has been put into the supplement. Instead it will go to waste, pass through the body and be flushed away.

We think it is important that we help our customers learn about what their bodies require in any survival situation or even just to operate at their optimum levels in normal everyday life which is the reason for this page and the gallery of ingredients linking to pages that are rich in information about each individual nutrient. You will also find a great summary of details relating to how each of the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids help improve a person’s health and productivity, and also further information to explain just why the Total Balance Unisex, multi nutrient supplement is probably one of the best of its kind within the product description found on the page where you can actually order your supply of this complete survival dietary supplement.

A Premium Comprehensive Multi Nutrient that is Affordable

Being a comprehensive combination of 74 Vitamins, Minerals, Micronutrients, Extracts, Enzymes & Amino Acids, the Total Balance Unisex Super Supplement can provide everything a person needs to stay healthy and strong in times of extreme circumstances or even just during normal everyday life. So instead of having to spend a small fortune on numerous different products in an effort to properly cover all areas that your body requires to keep fit and avoid disease, all you need is to purchase this one super survival supplement which comes at a very competitive and surprisingly affordable price. Taking 4 tablets a day will keep you functioning at an optimum level, with a strong immune system and a high level of energy so that you can overcome any difficult circumstances that you might find yourself in & with the best chance of avoiding any crippling health risks that can be faced in times when healthy fresh foods can be difficult to come by. So at just over 52 USD/Month to have the peace of mind that you are giving yours and your family’s bodies that best chance of survival or the best version of a healthy life, I am sure you will agree that it is totally worth it.