Omega 3 Ultra

The Premium Ingredients Behind The Effective Omega 3 Ultra Dietary Supplement

The Omega-3 Dietary Supplement that you can find within this ‘Survival Nutrients’ website should certainly not be placed into the same bracket as the many other brands of Omega 3 products that you surely have come across during your daily or weekly shopping outings, or during a visit to your local pharmacist when stocking up on nutrients and vitamins to keep you and your loved ones fit, strong and healthy. The Xtendlife version of the usual Omega-3 supplement is actually anything but; the branding that is used already hints at this superior form of the popular supplement with the addition of the words ‘QH Ultra’ to the name = ‘Omega-3/QH Ultra’.  So I am sure you must be asking what is it that makes the Omega-3 dietary supplement that Xtendlife are proud to have as part of their supper supplement selection a superior blend of what is essentially supposed to be supporting the consumer with the same benefits as other brands selling Omega-3? The answer is in the fine details of each of the ingredients that are used to make up the different brands of the Omega-3 Supplement.

Don’t be Mistaken! Not All Omega-3 or Fish Oil Branded Supplements Are The Same

It is very important at this point to point out and ensure you are aware that there are a large quantity of health products in the market that can ultimately, when taken over long periods, cause the consumer other (in some cases quite serious) health problems because of the extra vitamins and nutrients they are putting into their bodies from these products; and this can be a worry for when taking these ‘Fish Oil' type of supposedly beneficial supplements, especially for those that are over the age of 40. Research has shown that cholesterol lowering drugs, like fish oils that use Statins, actually block the production of CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10) in the liver and as a result can potentially cause heart problems, a lack of energy, high blood pressure & a decrease in brain functionality. To overcome this problem, the consumer needs to be also taking some type of CoQ10 supplement so that the levels are again reaching a healthy balance. However, not all CoQ10 is the same & in fact, a common choice of source for this ingredient, called Ubiquinone can be pretty much useless for those of you that are over the age of 40. Ubiquinone needs to be converted into Ubiquinol for it to be of use and the body stops being able to carry out this conversion roughly at the age of 40. Furthermore, there are other Omega-3 brands or Cholesterol lowering drugs that are using the Ubiquinol ingredient, which is great; however the quantities they use in the make-up of the supplement is just too low for it to be having the necessary effect on a person’s wellbeing.

Xtendlife’s Omega-3 / Q H Ultra is Made from The Finest Ingredients

You will be pleased to hear that the Omega-3/Q H Ultra that we stock and sell contains the optimum levels of CoQ10, ensuring your body gets what it needs and you avoid any of the potential problems that can be caused from low levels of CoQ10. Not only will you be getting the right level of CoQ10, but also it comes in the best format: Ubiquinol! So the body does not have to work on converting Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol, making it the perfect solution for the older generations. The main reason Omega-3 QH Ultra stands head & shoulders above other Fish Oil supplements is due to it containing original Obiquinol acquired from a company in Japan called Kaneka, that is recognized as developing the most effective & powerful form of CoQ10 that is available, while other brands mostly use average derivatives of Ubiquinol that will not assist you with the same, best health benefits. We are very proud to disclose that other ingredients used in the make-up of Omega-3/QH Ultra are also of the very best quality; the omega-3 is derived from the pristine clean waters of the Southern Ocean, off the coast of New Zealand where the Hoki fish is harvested, also in the same waters we use the finest Tuna to extract the purest and most concentrated Tuna Oil. It is because of the equatorial current that helps prevent contaminants from the Northern Hemisphere from crossing over and into these clean waters that has lead us to believe that this is where the best quality Fish Oil can be found. So you can rest assured that you will be getting the finest & best quality DHA content with each serving.

The Additional Supper Ingredients Supporting Healthy & Glowing Skin

Everyone surely wants to maintain a healthy and radiant skin complexion, which can be difficult when our lives have become so busy and in some cases stressful; life in general, for the most of us has gained so much pace that we find ourselves struggling to find time to do anything, which is partly why supplements of all kinds have been becoming increasingly more popular every year. Well, this super Fish Oil supplement from Xtendlife has been developed with this ‘time is of the essence’ culture in mind, and in addition to the support it provides for improving the consumers circulatory system, assisting to maintain a healthy heart and aiding with complete cardiovascular protection, it also has been shown to help with keeping skin healthy and glowing. These additional benefits for a person’s skin are possible due to the inclusion of Lycopene Extract, which is actually a combination of Lyc-O-Mato and AstaPure, (Aka Astaxanthin). These two compounds have qualities to them that make them very effective in purifying the skin, with many antioxidants to help against scaling of the skin, rashes and many other skin conditions. The Lyc-O-Mato also has extracts that belong to a special class of carotenoids that have been known to help in supporting and maintaining a healthy and well-functioning prostate. So just to recap again on all the great reasons that Omega-3 Q H Ultra should be the one and only Fish Oil supplement on a survivalists list of necessities:

  • Contains the most powerful known CoQ10 ingredient that comes in the form of original Obiquinol to help maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system while also benefitting from lowered cholesterol
  • Uses Hoki Fish Oil in the form of Triglycerides and Fresh Tuna Oil Extract in the form of Concentrated Esters. These make up a highly bio-available product that the body can break down and absorb highly efficiently to receive the maximum benefits.
  • The pure, concentrated Tuna Oil & the Hoki Fish Oil making up a product with the very best DHA content to help the body with managing inflammations – This is especially necessary for when a person is also consuming pain killers during the inflammation.
  • Contains ingredients that have been known and shown to help with skin looking and feeling healthy.
  • Contains an additional ingredient that carries extracts belonging to a special class of carotenoids to help maintain a healthy and well-functioning prostate gland.

Fresh, Totally Natural and Eco-Friendly Fish Oil Only Sourced From Sustainable Fisheries

If all of the added and unique benefits mentioned throughout this page have not already convinced you that Xtendlife’s Omega-3/QH Ultra Fish Oil Supplement should be the only choice of Fish Oil Supplement on your mind and at the tip of your tongue, I would be very surprised & a little worried about your decision making progress. However, there is another powerful reason that should be enough to tip you over the fence and onto the right path. I am even confident that within 3 months of you switching over to Omega-3/QH Ultra Fish Oil, you will be telling close friends and family about how different you feel, and strongly recommending that they follow your lead and become an ‘Xtendlifer’. The powerful reason I am referring to, it that this supplement is Eco-Friendly (something that is becoming more of a buzz word, and important to many peoples ethics), uses totally natural ingredients and contains no additional flavouring or additives. Great care is taken to ensure that only sustainable fish sources are used so that natural resources are never negatively impaired and we certainly do not leave a footprint of harmful content to the environment.

So, if you made it to the end of this content about the ingredients found within this supper Fish Oil Supplement, then for 1.) You will probably be soon making your order, and 2.) You should be an expert about Fish Oil Supplements and ready to spread the word about this specific type of Omega-3 that everyone should have!