Natural Ingredients and Extracts

We instinctively know that natural is best because after all you can’t beat nature! But the line between what is natural and synthetic is often blurred. 

Imagine avocados in a tube…without the addition of preservatives or other chemicals it would soon become rancid and turn from green to black. It is simply not possible, and yet under most countries laws these products can still claim to be ‘organic’ even with the addition of chemicals that may be harmful.

Extraction methods

Supplements products usually contain ‘extracts’ which are concentrated forms of the original plant. For example, the grape seed extract that is used in our products replicates the entire spectrum of nutrients in the grape seed if you had picked it off the grape vine…except it is highly concentrated. BUT, the standard grape seen in most supplement only contain about 20% of the active ingredients because of the extraction, processing method.

We use a water extraction method and only use grapes harvested in New Zealand which have proven to have the most potent anti-oxidant capabilities thanks largely to the greater exposure of UV radiation present in New Zealand. The cost of applying these principles to ingredients is high.