Zupa Protein Greenz

The Ingredients Used in Zupa Protein Greenz Making it More Than Just a Muscle Building Supplement

As you may have already noticed when viewing the gallery images of ingredients used in developing this unique whey protein, there is actually quite a lot more to this quality Xtendlife survival supplement than what you will find in any ordinary whey protein product. Again as with the other two super survival products you  see on this website, time and effort has been taken in the selection of exactly what ingredients are used in developing the Zupa Protein Greens whey protein as well as where these ingredients have been selected from. The reason that Xtendlife went to New Zealand as their chosen location for procuring many of the ingredients is down to the low levels of pollution found across most of the country that lead to very pure & clean  selections of fruits, wheat’s, barely, whey protein and much more. It is the pure form of whey found in the Zupa Protein Greenz supplement that support it in being a class above other whey protein products; it is made from high quality skimmed milk coming from cows that have only been fed on green New Zealand Pastures. This high-quality source of whey protein in its pure form is what ensures that the Xtendlife product can live up to the high standards set by the brand. It also contains the correct balance of essential amino acids & reaches the highest levels of protein content which is more than what can be said about many other brands of whey protein. There are actually many whey protein products found on the market today that will have been developed via a faster manufacturing cycle to increase production, and the result is that the user will be consuming a product with low-protein content. So be sure to check and compare different whey protein brands and try to stay away from the ones that contain low quality ingredients and a rushed production process. The balance of essential amino acids found in Zupa Protein Greenz super food supplement is just what the body needs to promote a healthy weight and good quality of life, and then there is a multitude of other benefits that one can enjoy from this premium Xtendlife product that further sets it apart from the rest of the whey protein food supplements. As the gallery of ingredients found on this page shows, there is a variety of other ingredients that make-up the complete recipe of Zupa Whey Protein and each ingredient has its purpose towards assisting a happier & healthier life.

The Selection of Additional Ingredients Found in Zupa Protein Greenz Food Supplement

The products/supplements that Xtendlife develop and sell to the public are geared towards improving and extending life, so rather than just sticking to the standard Whey Protein recipe, they went all out in adding many additional qualities to the Zupa Protein Greenz Whey Protein supplement & included some other premium quality ingredients in the mix. So, as well as being made from the New Zealand Cows skimmed milk that is high in whey protein, low in casein and well balanced with essential amino acids, the product also has an alkalizing effect on the body which will help balance PH levels and assist with better absorbing and digesting food. Chlorella & Spirulina have also been added to the mixture, for both being high in protein content and combined they help reduce build-up of lactic acid in the muscles, which is a great benefit for athletes training as it will mean they can function properly for longer periods of time and under more stress. Another ingredient that is very popular with health enthusiasts & included into the super mix for its amino acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals & enzymes, is wheat grass. Although it has not had any of its benefits to a person’s health scientifically proven, wheat grass is certainly a favourite at fruit juice shops and is said to be great for helping to rid the body of toxins. Green Tea Extract (GTE) also plays its part in this survival supplement; adding its effective antioxidant properties that support defence against a wide variety of toxins and bacteria found within & attached to a humans body. Many Chinese & Indian medicines have made use of GTE for thousands of years and today it is a very common ingredient found in an array of alternative modern medicines. Many people use GTE as a dietary supplement, helping to get their bodies back to a healthy weight. The very high caffeine content found in Green Tea also makes it great for helping a person stay alert; with a clear mind it becomes easier to make decisions. Some other great, value adding ingredients found in the Zupa Protein Greenz mix are Kiwi Fruit Extract, Kiwi Fruit Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Grape Skin Extract & Grape Juice Powder; these are all sourced from New Zealand and all add their own additional benefits to the overall unique Super Survival Whey Protein food supplement that I doubt you will be able to find within any other whey protein product in the market today.

You will notice that the price you will need to pay for enjoying all the added health benefits coming from this Zupa Protein Greenz dietary food supplement is actually roughly 3 times the price of your common whey protein powders found in most gyms, sports & health stores. However the difference in how this Xtendlife whey protein supplement will support your body in so many different ways is unrivalled and in our expert opinion, it is certainly worth the extra investment.  Ultimately, nothing is more important than your health and if for any reason something occurs that makes access to fresh vegetables, fruits and meats difficult, then I can almost guarantee that you will be extremely relieved to have stocked up on this premium whey protein product from Xtendlife, instead of going for the usual muscle building protein powders.