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Xtend-Life Natural Products takes pride in our customer service and the ease with which our customers around the world can contact a 'real' person, and get answers to questions. You may contact us either by telephone, fax, email or post. Please see details below.


It is easy to email us and we will respond. Please email us directly at 

 Head Office / Factory Mailing Address

12 Mary Muller Dr.
Christchurch 8022
New Zealand

PO Box 19640
Christchurch 8241

Phone Toll Free
0508 (XTENDLIFE) 983635

USA & Canada

United Kingdom

Phone Toll Free
888 487 9304

Phone Toll Free
0800 520 0311


Rest of the World

Phone Toll Free
1 800 (XTENDLIFE) 983635

Phone Toll Free
(64)3 3842116

Head Office/Factory/Shop Hours

Whether you are a Christchurch local, or visiting from overseas, you are welcome to stop by our shop and purchase our products on-site. If you are visiting from overseas, please let us know and we will be happy to show you around as well as arrange a factory tour if you wish. Please contact us for a booking if you are interested.

Our hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday New Zealand time.