Zupa Protein Greenz; A Premium Whey Protein, Superfood & Greens from New Zealand

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How to Survive and Live Well with Survival Whey Protein

Life is all about survival, and living life well. Most of us do not pay attention to the health benefits of good nutrition and meeting your body's nutritional needs. This can often be a challenge even for the most experienced person. It does not matter if you are an athlete, stay-at-home mum or body builder, studies show that you may be likely to suffer from health and weight problems because of the food you eat.

We should be asking ourselves if the food we eat today is fit for our continued survival, and if we are getting the optimum nutrition. Sadly, the answer is often no, as modern day food production methods have a lot to answer for. Today, we have to eat a higher quantity of food to get the same kind of nutritional benefits compared to food we used to eat many years ago. This leads to problems with weight management, and to overcome many modern day health problems, we need to eat less and focus on eating better quality food, a very important concept understood by many people that are prepared for any disruption in our food supply.

What We Should Be Eating?

Researchers have produced studies which show we can survive better on a small amount of highly nutritional food. It all goes back to the principle of a small amount of matter equals a large amount of energy. It may be a principle taken from physics, but it works for food as well. If you are interested in quality living, the first thing you should do is find out what you should be eating to help you to live better. Could the ideal solution come from New Zealand?

Zupa Protein Greenz

Zupa Protein Greenz is a top blend of the purest New Zealand whey protein, superfoods and greens which have an alkalizing effect. It has been developed to help give your body good viable nutrition which will support muscle tone and your body's pH balance. If you like, you can click here for a list of ingredients.

Amino acids are the building blocks of life, and there are some amino acids which we cannot live without. They are often referred to as essential amino acids, and just like essential omega 3 fatty acids, they cannot be manufactured by the body. Zupa Protein Greenz is a whey protein food supplement which contains the essential amino acids you need to maintain a healthy weight and good quality of life. It does not contain food additives and gluten, and can be enjoyed at any time of life. Flavored with banana and guaranteed low-casein, makes it the ideal supplemental nutritional choice.

Top Benefits of Including Zupa Protein Greenz in Your Daily Diet

Including nutritional survival whey protein shakes in your diet, can have a range of health benefits. The product has been developed to support a range of vital body functions we may take for granted. Protein is one of the most vital sources for many of systems in the body, and whey protein, can help not only to maintain your health, but to improve it as well. 

These are just some of the health benefits which can be attributed to Zupa Protein Greenz:

A better pH balance makes it easier for us to both absorb and digest our food. On top of that you will find it will help to control lactic acid build-up which may occur during exercise. It is the greens (spirulina and chlorella) in the powder which help to control the process.

Weight is an essential guide to our health. Whey protein is known to help those on a diet control their weight better as it it will help to regulate the blood sugar levels. Not only that, it will also help you to feel fuller for longer.

Muscle decline is not any longer a problem only for elderly people. As our lifestyles have become more and more sedentary, loss of muscle tone is a problem for both young and old. A complete protein will help to improve your muscles tone and also make it easier to recover from exercise.

A focus on better bone health has become vital to many of us. Bone loss can be also be a result of sedentary lifestyle. Not all supplements contain naturally available calcium, but this product does.

New Zealand kiwi fruit is known for its digestive compound actinidin which can help to improve digestion especially after a meal of red meat. Further more, Zupa Protein Greenz contains chlorella and spirulina which makes it easier for the body to remove toxins and will help to control the body's endocrine system.

Other health benefits can also be derived from this product include better skin and hair. If you are concerned about wrinkles and skin quality, you should consider adding a protein supplement to your diet. A diet high in protein is also know to support women going through the menopause. You may need extra protein at different times in your life.

It is recognized that top athletes and patients undergoing certain medical treatments, can benefit from diets high in protein. Protein shakes are one of the most efficient ways for the body to make use of protein due to the ease of absorption. The rate of absorption is faster and the body will therefore benefit quicker from the available nutrients.

Why Whey Protein from New Zealand is Superior

There are many different whey proteins on the market today, and you have to make sure you compare product benefits and claims. When you are thinking about adding a whey protein to your diet, you should ensure that it is a pure form of whey.

Zupa Protein Greenz is made from high quality skim milk from cows which are only fed on green New Zealand pastures. This makes a huge difference to the product, and ensures it contains the correct spread of essential amino acids. Other whey protein products which may have gone through a faster manufacturing cycle, risk having a lower protein content and may not benefit your health as much as this product. 

Zupa Protein Greenz is a leading combination of pure New Zealand protein, superfoods and alkalizing greens, designed to help your body maintain good nutrition, muscle tone and a healthy pH balance.

This alkalizing blend contains a fast-acting natural protein powder that provides all the essential amino acids required for good health. It is the perfect nutritional support for individuals with restricted diets or those wishing to supplement their weight management regime.

Zupa Protein Greenz contains no gluten or food additives, is low-casein and is safe for all ages. Easy to mix and great tasting, it is naturally flavored with bananas. It is safe for all ages and suitable for young children and the elderly.


If desired, Zupa Protein Greenz can be taken alongside any of our other superfoods and supplements.

  • Add 0.5 oz (one scoop) to water, milk or your favorite smoothie.
  • Shake and enjoy immediately one or twice a day
  • This dosage can be increased as required.
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