The Hawaii Emergency Alert Incident Should be Your Impetus to Prepare

The Hawaii Emergency Alert Incident Should be Your Impetus to Prepare.

The message “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL” was sent to mobile phones and broadcast TV to millions of Hawaii’s residents on Saturday causing widespread panic and fear. Videos of parents lowering their children into storm drains and sending their farewell messages can be found all over social media. While the message was sent in error, it should be a good reminder for everyone to plan ahead.

Everyone should make at least some basic preparations and have a plan. This will help reduce stress to you and your family in the event, however unlikely, of a large-scale conflict or war. There are a few key things you and your family can do to plan for just such an emergency:

  1. Identify a suitable shelter in or near your home or office. It is also prudent to be familiar with what characteristics to seek in a shelter if you are away from your home or office.
  2. Food, water, medicine and other supplies.
  3. Have a basic understanding of the implications of a nuclear attack and how to mitigate them to the greatest extent possible.

While there is a myriad of websites and information available on the Internet about preparing for such an emergency, a number of US Agencies have sites dedicated to informing the public at large. We recommend checking out this recent article from for a detailed description how to prepare, it also includes links to many of the resources from US Federal agencies.